Saturday, 7 October 2017


And this is how it went on with the linden_clump,
before the winter styling-session .
The tree over all shorter, more compact and more designing options.
The moss was stolen by mean blackbirds!
It will be replaced after the carving and styling is done ...


Well, one of my trees decided to go to another garden.

The hollow-Linden made her way in the very south-west of Germany.
Because of her sheer size and weight, it was not possible to send the tree.
In the absence of a better transport-possiblity, I delivered the tree to the
new owner myself, while being on a business-trip southbound anyway.
The guy who bought the tree is a real gentleman, and so I am not a second
in doubt, that the tree will thrive in his garden ...

Saturday, 30 September 2017


`Tell you what:
I like A. Campestre better than A. buergerianum.
Well, this species is absolutely easy to obtain and to collect in my countryside.
It is enormous winterhardy, and the leaf-size will become smaller in a reasonably
period of time.
The bark of older trees look very sexy and this species is very stressable as well.
You can not kill them ...
The downside is the "stiffy" growing-pattern of the branches and the affinity to mildew.
I will deliver some designing-virtuals in a couple of days.

New projekt:
Acer campestre-yamadori. Digged in spring of 2016.
Shortly before first wirering ...

Monday, 25 September 2017


And an update of the linden, wich I digged in 2012.
No major changes according to the initial design.
A lot of new buds and twigs, so alot of designing-options as well.
The tree is for sale, I would like to let her go ...
A bottle of Whiskey for scale again on the surface of the soil ...

Sunday, 24 September 2017


The brook_alder had some weather-problems this year.
Even though we had alot of rain this sommer,
the alder had been very unlucky with two hot days without watering
(I had been on a business-journey).
She decided then to throw most of her leafes. And now I decided to send her
in her "ahead of schedule" fall.
A regular bottle of whisky (0,7 Liter) as a scale ...
The tree is for sale.

Saturday, 26 August 2017


On 19 and 20 July, me and a coulple of other bonsai-enthusiast had the great honor to be
part of a carving and (styling)-workshop again, wich was conducted by Mr.Kevin Willson himself!
I decided that my Prunus Seriotina-stump should receive a professional overhaul.
And this is the result:

Not only the best carving-artist in the world and a brilliant bonsai-styler, a skillful painter as well.
Every participant of the workshop got such a developing-plan from Kevin ...

I simply like  this guy! ...

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


... and another, current picture of the village-linden.
The twigging is improving, The tree established very well after repotting in spring.
Strong and healthy she is ...