Monday, 22 February 2016

Interpretation of the fairy-tale-style (FTS)

Referring to the invention of Mr. Walter Pall, I tried myself in a bit different designing
of a linden-clump.
Well, this tree seems to be fairly ugly, some might say.
But (imho) the coating of time will create a more plausible creation.
Germany's oldest tree is a 1000-years old linden, consisting actually of the four last
remaining parts of the former trunc.
Decaying is part of life  ...

Sunday, 7 February 2016


The first highlight of the bonsai-year is the journey  to noelanders trophy in belgium with my companiens.

Our annual getaway was a real fun.
Not only the experience of the terrific exhibition and traders area, but we had the great honor as well
to enjoy the gala-dinner with no one less than Walter Pall!
He is such an amusing colloquist with a sack full of anecdotes.
'Always great to be in his company ....